In December of 2018, I was given the opportunity to try a new treatment offered at Progressive Rehabilitation Medicine in Cedar Rapids Iowa. I was excited to have this procedure done. That coming June, my husband and I, and 5 other couples are taking a trip to Colorado where we’ll be staying at a large timeshare with a hot tub. Now, I don’t mind talking about my scar, but I don’t like the sympathetic attitude, people staring at it or the thought of people judging me for doing something so terrible to myself. The whole, “she cared way too much about what she looked like and she looks worse now than she probably did before.” My goal was to hopefully have the scar look diminished enough that it wouldn’t draw so much attention. May 22, 2.5 months out, I decided to take an updated picture, set it side by side with the picture of how the scar looked prior to the first injection and my jaw dropped, like to the floor dropped. I couldn’t believe this was my stomach. No post-baby, loose-skinned stomach, no red/purple, awful-looking scar stomach, but a toned, virtually scarless stomach that I had been working for the last decade to achieve.

Written by invigo