Hand Rejuvenation

Our hands give tell tale signs of aging, sometimes before our face does. Thinning skin and decreased elasticity can be helped with a plasma gel biofiller.

How Does Hand Rejuvenation Works?

This involves a simple blood draw where your plasma is activated and heated to create a gel. This plasma gel is then re-injected into the top of your hand, using precise placement, to work as scaffolding to help build additional collagen in the area.

The LightStim Combo light is also used post-injection to help stimulate faster healing. This also includes an IV nutrient + glutathione infusion to help create the foundation for improved healing.

Your Hands Tell a Story

Don’t allow that story to become an ancient history. Let our experts at MediJUV. rejuvenate your hands to rebuild collagen, and keep them from the signs of aging. Our precision care can give your hands a youthful glow once more.


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