Non-Surgical Scar Tissue Revision

Whether they are surgical scars, burn scars, or scars from injuries, here at MediJUV we understand how life altering scars can affect a person. Our non-surgical scar treatments involve injecting your own Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), PRGF, plasma gel, or Axobiofluid-A into and around the scar to stimulate the healing cascade, rebuild normal tissue, and restore function to that area. This is a program of care that may involve pretreatment of Low Energy Shock Wave Therapy (LESWT), injections, and post-injection care of LightStim and Neocutis microbody.

Each scar is unique and each protocol is individualized for that scar. Typical results include normalization of skin texture and color and improved elasticity around the scar to improve function.

Each Scar is Distinct and Need a Unique Kind of Care

Our professionals are experts in assuring you receive world-class care and treatment. We treat individuals with personalized care and treatment plans, to ensure you can rid yourself of scars in a non-invasive way. Book a consultation to find out more about Non-surgical Scar Tissue Revision and how our experts can help you.


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