Seasonal Affective Disorder Support

In the Midwest we suffer from more grey, dark cloudy days than our friends in the east or west. When we lack natural daylight the body’s serotonin levels drop. Because of this, our clients can suffer from a depressive state called Seasonal Affective Disorder.

At MediJUV, we provide a four-week program that can be started anytime in the fall and winter months to help improve mood and overall wellness. This treatment involves powerful LED lights at specific wavelengths, the PULSE technology, and an IV nutrient therapy.

Many times counselling and medications are also recommended. However, this is a natural non-invasive way to help.

Let MediJUV Support You

The team of professionals at MediJuv can answer any questions you have to help you manage seasonal affective disorder. Our four week, non-invasive program can improve your mood and wellness. Contact MediJuv and let our professionals support you through seasonal affective disorder.


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