Stem Cell Facial: What You Need to Know

An image of a blood plasma background

One of the most exciting new advancements in aesthetics is the use of regenerative medicine to improve your skin quality, giving your face a youthful feel. MediJUV offers world-class care to help you rejuvenate your skin with a Stem Cell Facial and Stem Cell Facelift. We are pleased to offer this to people who are looking for an effective way to treat and reduce marks, scars, and wrinkles on their face.

What is it?

A Stem Cell Facial begins by putting numbing cream on your face to reduce any potential discomfort. Our medical professionals then extract a small amount of your blood from your arm, which is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the blood from the plasma. We then immediately apply this plasma topically to your skin and inject into your face. Plasma contains platelets or growth factors that help your body regenerate, repair, and recover tissue. Once the plasma is extracted, MediJUV experts use a Rejuvapen, a small handheld device containing microneedles that make microscopic holes in your skin, triggering your body’s ability to self-heal.

How does it work?

Platelet-rich plasma cause multipotent stem cells to develop into new collagen, new blood vessels, and new fatty tissue in an attempt to “repair” the skin that was never injured. The result is younger-appearing skin.

Once the plasma is injected into your face, it stimulates your body’s collagen production to accelerate repair and recovery. This is ideal for the treatment of any visible scars, wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, inconsistent skin texture, and large pores, as collagen production can help return your skin quality to a younger and more vibrant look.

Your face will look slightly pink and feel as if you were sunburned. This is common and your skin will return back to a normal appearance within one to two days. During this time, it’s recommended you do not resume your regular skincare regimen. It is also important to be gentle with your face and avoid sun tanning.

Typically, noticeable results are seen a few weeks to a few months after the procedure, as your body needs time to create collagen, new blood vessels, and self-heal. To get the most out of the Stem Cell Facial’s collagen production potential, the best results are obtained with one session per month over three months and/or additional microneedling and post treatment care with medical grade skin care products.

Book a Stem Cell Facial today and experience the rejuvenating effects for yourself.